2019 Summer Reviews – Railway Concession Stand


I make no secret of my loyalty to Rotary Little League.

Sure, Railway made it to the Little League World Series, which was a huge deal. Sure, they may or may not have produced a better overall stock of baseball players. Sure, they didn’t use a pitching machine. Sure, they beat us in All Stars my 12 year old year. You get it …

… but Rotary was still better despite all this factual evidence of their superiority. Some things just don’t make sense, and they don’t need to.

But I put all that aside to give them an honest shake at a concession stand review.

FREE Shakespeare

People love to complain there’s nothing to do here. Sure, we’re not NYC or Vegas, but there’s plenty to do if you open up your eyes a little. This week there will be FREE shows of Shakespeare in the Garden at the Yuengling Mansion. Yes, there will be alcohol … you sold yet? Plus some amazing young talent performing.


As many of you know, a lot of times, I record these interviews weeks in advance just to stay on top of everything. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dolbin a couple weeks back, and even though I knew he had been battling, it came as a complete surprise to hear he had passed.

One of the reasons I started this podcast was to preserve and showcase our history, and Jack Dolbin’s career is a huge part of our coal region heritage, and throughout his incredible path his coal region core always shined.

Start it at 18:35 for some great Jack Dolbin footage in this NFL FILMS piece.