School Lunch Tour – Schuylkill Haven

Haven and I have a lot of history. I don’t think they’ve ever forgiven me for being an integral part of beating them in football 1989 when I was an assistant water boy for Nativity.

But, despite all of that, I’m still a stand up guy and thought it was necessary to review their lunch. I wasn’t disappointed. Patty and the entire crew did an amazing job.

Doing this tour really makes me realize just how great it was to have school lunch every day.


Even though I’m Italian I can appreciate some good pork & sauerkraut. I picked up three. One from Yorkville Hose in Pottsville, another from Schuylkill Hose #2 in Haven, and the last one from Good Will in Minersville.

All three were excellent, but I could only choose one winner. No bias at all as it was done as a blind taste test (as the title of the post tells you)

Election Pork & Sauerkraut – 2019