First day of the new site

Coal Region Campfire is off and running. I’m going to try my best to provide as much content as humanly possible. That includes podcasts, video reviews, or whatever else comes to my mind.

First, and foremost, this would not be possible without my sponsors. CACL … ever hear of them? Of course, you have. Well they’re a sponsor now supporting the good cause that is the Coal Region Campfire.


I’m kidding, this cause is not that noble. I just think it’s neat to say I have a sponsor. Anyway, they’re great. I used them to buy my house, car, make home improvements.

Also, the original sponsor Darren March. Check out this handsome devil here for all your financial needs

If Darren has taught me anything, it’s that just because he played for Pubs doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

So, hopefully this site will be a part of your weekly internet loop. I’m going to try like hell to churn out content. Sometimes, I’ll get out more, sometime it’ll be less, but make sure you sign up to stay up to date.

Also, eventually I’m going to start selling t-shirts and some apparel. Working on some designs now.

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